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 XenonScape Rules

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PostSubject: XenonScape Rules   XenonScape Rules EmptyThu Feb 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Failure to comply with these rules on server or forums will result in a ban without question.

1. No curse words in UserNames
2. No external links leading to things unrelated to the topic.
3. No advertising any other private server.
4. No advertising illegal/harmful websites, this includes torrents and porn.
5. No disrespecting any players in a serious and hurtful way.
6. Follow all staff directions.
7. Do not make post's shorter than 4 words or they will be counted as spam and could be deleted.
8. Do not apply for moderator without the correct requirments that are posted here:
Apply for staff here
9. Always show respect to peoples knownlage.
10. No excessive cursing.
11. Please do not use insults in a hurtful way or directed to a person.
12. No spamming this can include useless posts, double posting, going off-topic, and creating topics where they are not supposed to be.
13. No Runescape account trading/selling/sharing.
14. Speak only english nothing else on this forum.
15. No buying/selling products without getting persmission from staff first.

Thanks you for reading said rules
-XenonScape Staff

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XenonScape Rules
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