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 farming skill guide

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PostSubject: farming skill guide   farming skill guide EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 6:14 pm

To start farming all you have to do is go to the spell book which is at the top right and click on skilling locations and click on catherby (farming) and trade wydin and you can purchase all your farming needs.

gaum seed:1-14

marrentill seed:14-19

tarromin seed:19-26

harralander seed:26-32

ranarr seed:32-38

toad flax seed:38-44

irit seed:44-50

avantoe seed:50-56

kwuarm seed:56-62

snap dragon seed:62-67

cadantine seed:67-73

lantadyme seed:73-79

dwarf weed seed:79-85

torstol weed:85-99

any questions just contact me in game or on forums.

thank you darken>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
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farming skill guide
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