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 My mod application

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PostSubject: My mod application   My mod application EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 1:48 pm

1. Tell us why you should earn the said title "Moderator" I am very helpful and a very nice person. Im very loyal and trustworthy
2. Tell us what you've done in Xenon Scape to prove yourself worthy. Well, ive been here since there was a little amount of players
3. Do you have any people willing to vouch for you? not so far but ive been admin and mods on other servers
4. How long have you played Xenon Scape? since october
5. If you were given Trial Moderator what would you do to improve Xenon Scape? i would help anyone who needs help, report, spammers, report anyone doing anything bad, help fix bugs, etc.
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My mod application
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