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 A little about me Owner Rob

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PostSubject: A little about me Owner Rob   A little about me Owner Rob EmptyTue Oct 30, 2012 2:20 pm

Hello everyone, This is a short topic about me Owner Rob as of 10/30/12

-Well my name's Rob, Durrr.
-I have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Witch means i get hyper easly and i can't do the same thing for along time.
(Thus why Xenon Scape is progressing how ever i like to jump around doing other things then finishing later)
-I'm 19 graduated High school from Virginia.
-My Birthday's August 12th 1993.
-I've lived in 3 different states so far
-New Hampshire 17 years
-Virginia 2 and 1/2
-Colorado 1 month

-I'll be enlisted in the Army in November won't leave for basic until like march.
-Been playing Rs/Rsps since 2004.
-I have a Rs account level 120, How ever i do not play it. (No i will not sell it to you, that's 8+ years of my life on it)
-I've been into java + html coding for about 5 years now, i took some classes in High school for it, I hope to pursue
my love for it farther in the army.
-I've been coding Xenon Scape Since February 2012. Xenon Scape was built from nothing to what it is today.
-I'm all about Respecting, If you want to get on my good side respect me as any other player. Do not treat me as a god or ass kiss
because that is just annoying. I do not tolerate disrespect even posted in the rules here

-If you have any other questions about me that i have no already answered feel free to ask!
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A little about me Owner Rob
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