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PostSubject: Apply for Administrator   Apply for Administrator EmptySat Feb 11, 2012 1:28 am

XenonScape Administrator Qualifications

1. No previous black marks
2. Very active on forums, 500 Posts or more of helping others or explaining.
3. No offensive user names that include Cuss words and slang
4. No disrespecting the current staff of XenonScape
5. No begging for staff on Xenonscape
6. No encouraging others to break XenonScape rules
7. No "Ass kissing" any staff member or bribing
8. No threats made to other players and or staff
9. Must recruit 1 other player(s) to XenonScape, (DOES NOT MEAN FLOOD OTHER SERVERS)
10.Must already be a Moderator or Vip for atleast a month.
11.Must only direct the application to either Owner Rob, Djmike or Yolo Polo to review.

*NOTE, No more then one application may be posted per ip adress. If more then one is posted will result in termaination of your application*

*NOTE, IF we find evidence of you lying on your application it will be terminated and you will be banned from the Server + Forums.*

Default Admin Applications

All applications must be in this format or they will be ignored + deleted

1. Tell us why you should earn the said title "Administrator"
2. Tell us what you've done in Xenon Scape to prove yourself worthy.
3. Do you have any people willing to vouch for you?
4. How long have you played Xenon Scape?
5. If you were given Trial Administrator what would you do to improve Xenon Scape?
6. What have you done while being a moderator in Xenon Scape?
7. Do you consider your self as a good staff member ?
8. Have you been warned by any current Admin+ As a moderator?
9. If no owner was online and a problem was to occour
E.G (Donation was not given to player) What would you do?
10. If another staff member was to get "in" it with a Player or another staff member, What would you do to resolve them problem.

Thank You
-Owner Rob
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Apply for Administrator
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